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Support for sending and receiving e-mails.

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Package Description

Support for sending and receiving e-mails. Check the MailTest sample.

First you need to configure the SMTP properties:
MailSession session = MailSession.getDefaultInstance();
session.put(MailSession.SMTP_HOST, new Properties.Str("")); // SMTP host address
session.put(MailSession.SMTP_PORT, new Properties.Int(25)); // unless noticed otherwise by the server, SMTP uses port 25
session.put(MailSession.SMTP_USER, new Properties.Str("[email protected]")); // usually the full e-mail address
session.put(MailSession.SMTP_PASS, new Properties.Str("VerySecurePassword")); // e-mail account password
Sending a simple e-mail message:
Message myMessage = new Message(); // our new message
myMessage.from = new Address("[email protected]", "Mr. Foo"); // the e-mail address I wan't to be visible to the recipient and a personal name.
myMessage.addRecipient(RecipientType.TO, new Address("[email protected]", null)); // the recipient of the e-mail
myMessage.subject = "Testing SMTP with authentication"; // e-mail subject
myMessage.setText("This is just a test message"); // simple e-mail with plain text
Transport.send(myMessage); // sends our message using the propert Transport for this Message, and the properties defined on the default MailSession.
Sending an e-mail with attachments:
// text part
Part textPart = new Part();
textPart.setText("Plain text");
// image part
Part imagePart = new Part();
File image = new File("/myImage.png", File.READ_WRITE); // keep file open!
imagePart.setContent(image, "image/png");
imagePart.fileName = "myImage.png";
// create the multiparts
Multipart multipart = new Multipart();
// create the message
Message myMessage = new Message();
myMessage.subject = "E-mail with attachment";
myMessage.from = new Address("[email protected]", "Someone name");
myMessage.addRecipient(Message.RecipientType.TO, new Address("[email protected]", "ToMe"));
// send the message
// close the image file AFTER the message is sent
Receive a message, and open the first one available.
MailSession session = MailSession.getDefaultInstance();
session.put(MailSession.POP3_HOST, new Properties.Str(""));
session.put(MailSession.POP3_PORT, new Properties.Int(110));
session.put(MailSession.POP3_USER, new Properties.Str("[email protected]"));
session.put(MailSession.POP3_PASS, new Properties.Str("VerySecurePassword"));

Store store = MailSession.getDefaultInstance().getStore("pop3");
Folder folder = store.getFolder("INBOX");;
int messageCount = folder.getMessageCount();
if (messageCount > 0)
   Message msg = folder.getMessage(1);
   String msgContent = (String) msg.getContent();
   if (msgContent != null)
      new MessageBox(msg.from.address, msgContent).popup();
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